Set Up Business Hours Sets

Before adding business hours sets, verify the current user's time zone in contact center matches the time zone on the PC. To change the current user's time zone, select the username on the top right corner | My Settings | Time zone.

If creating a business hours set that will be applied to a queue or IVR in another time zone, configure the business hours as if you are currently in that time zone. The offset will be automatically calculated when the business hours set and time zone are configured on the queue.

Navigate to Configuration | Business Hours Sets | Add

  1. Add a Name and Description

  2. Add or edit the time ranges. Each time range includes a start time, end time, and a label for an action that will occur after hours (between this time range and the next time range). The actions for the after hours labels are specified when a business hour set is applied to a queue or IVR. Example below:

Assign to Queue

  1. Navigate to Queues & IVRs | Queues | Select a Queue | Edit

  2. Select Schedule tab.

  3. Select timezone and business hours set.

  4. Select the action for each after hours label. Prerequisites are required for Transfer to PSTN. See Transfer to PSTN

Assign to IVR

See Set Up IVR

You can see what queues and IVRs are utilizing a business hours set by editing the business hours set and expanding the In Use By property.

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