Remove Contact Center

Preauthorization of deletion request

  1. Administration | Settings | Invoice

  2. In the Legal Name field enter "Authorization to delete Landis Contact Center organization" | Save All

Remove service account credentials

  1. Administration | Settings | External Services

  2. Remove Presence API credentials | Save

Landis Contact Center Organization Name

  1. Find and save Landis Contact Center organization name for final step. See Organization Name

Remove Landis Contact Center Properties in Azure

  1. Navigate to "" using a Microsoft Admin account

  2. Search and select Enterprise Applications

  3. In Enterprise Applications, search for Landis Contact Center

  4. You will see up to 4 Landis Contact Center applications

  5. Select each application and delete it from the Properties tab

Delete Teams resource accounts associated with Contact Center queues and IVRs

  1. In Teams, unassign the phone number applied to each resource accounts.

  2. Navigate to "" using a Microsoft Admin account. Users | Active users

  3. Select appropriate resource accounts and delete

Remove Policy Recording Configuration in Teams (If Previously Enabled)

  1. Run the following PowerShell script to remove the recording configuration. (The MicrosoftTeams PowerShell module will need to be installed.)


$RA = Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance | where {$_.applicationid -eq "3a08b250-02ce-4316-94f7-069f4ae0c41b"}
if ($RA){
    Write-Host "Getting Teams recording policies..."
    $TCRPS = Get-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy | Where {$_.ComplianceRecordingApplications.Id -eq $RA.ObjectId}
    if ($TCRPS){
        Foreach ($TCRP in $TCRPS){
            if ($TCRP.ComplianceRecordingApplications.Count -eq 1){
                Write-Host "Removing Landis Teams recording policy from users..."
                Get-CsOnlineUser | where {$_.TeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy -eq ($TCRP.Identity.Split(":"))[1]} | Grant-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy -PolicyName $null
                Write-Host "Removing Landis recording policy..."
                Remove-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy -Identity $TCRP.Identity
            if ($TCRP.ComplianceRecordingApplications.Count -ge 2){
                Write-Host "Removing Landis recording application from Teams recording policy..."
                $removedLCCRA = $tcrp.ComplianceRecordingApplications | Where-Object {$_.Id -ne $ra.ObjectId}
                Set-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy $TCRP.Identity -ComplianceRecordingApplications @($removedLCCRA)
            Write-Host "Completed! Please delete the Landis recording user account" $ra.UserPrincipalName

  1. Delete the user account that was listed in the output of the above script.

Contact Landis Technologies Customer Support To Delete Organization

  1. Open a ticket at ""

  2. Request to delete your contact center organization. Include your Landis Contact Center organization name (retrieved above) and your Microsoft 365 tenant ID.

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