Skills Based Routing

Skills based routing will route an incoming call to an agent based on skill set specified and on agent availability.

Skills based routing steps:

  1. Create Skill Category. e.g. "Language"

  2. Create Skills. e.g. "English" and "Spanish"

Real world scenario:

A queue is created with skills based routing. The required skill category is Language with an importance of 10. The selected skill required is French.

There are three users:

Shanon has French language skill level 10

Traci has French language skill level 5

Miles does not have French language skill

When a call comes into the queue, a list of qualified agents are generated from most qualified to least qualified. In this scenario, the call is sent to Shanon if she is available. If Shannon is not available, the call is sent to Traci. The call is never sent to Miles because she does not have the French language skill.

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