Skype for Business Hybrid

Creating a resource account in a Skype for Business hybrid environment:

Overview of Setting Up a Queue or IVR (details below)

  1. Configure a Queue or IVR in Contact Center

  2. Create a Resource Account in Skype for Business server PowerShell

  3. Assign a ""Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account"" to the Resource Account in Microsoft 365 Admin Portal

  4. Assign a Phone Number to the Resource Account (Optional)

  5. Connect Resource Account to a Queue or IVR by adding the Resource Account in Contact Center

  1. Create Queue or IVR in Contact Center

2. In Skype for Business server management PowerShell, create the hybrid application endpoint (resource account object):

New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint -DisplayName appinstance01 -SipAddress -OU "ou=Redmond,dc=litwareinc,dc=com" -ApplicationId "341e195c-b261-4b05-8ba5-dd4a89b1f3e7"

3. Wait for AD to sync between online and on premises or force a sync.

3. Navigate to Office 365 admin portal | Users | Active Users | Assign the resource account user a ""Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account"" license

4. Assign a number(DID) to a queue (optional)

Connect to Microsoft Teams via PowerShell and run the appropriate command below.

Assign Operator Connect Number

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity "Resource Account Username" -PhoneNumber +14250000000 -PhoneNumberType OperatorConnect

Assign Microsoft Calling Plan number:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity "Resource Account Username" -PhoneNumber +14250000000 -PhoneNumberType CallingPlan

Assign direct routing number:

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity "Resource Account Username" -PhoneNumber +14250000000 -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting

5. Connect to Microsoft Teams via PowerShell | Run the following commands:

$Instance = Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity "Resource Account Username"


6. Navigate to Queues & IVRs | Resource accounts | Add | Enter a Name. Paste the ObjectID GUID in the Object ID field. Select the Interaction Object (Queue or IVR) that should be associated with the resource account. Description, Phone Number, and User principal Name is optional.

(This Resource Account record matches the Microsoft Teams Resource Account and determines which Queue or IVR this Resource Account (Phone Number) points to)

7. Your call queue setup is now complete.

You may need to wait some time before the queue or IVR is functional. We have notice that some provisioning time is needed for the Teams resource accounts to become active.

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