Global contact center service settings

Navigate to Administration | Settings




Default Timezone for all users

Grant Permissions to Remote Media

Enables call queues and IVRs

Grant Permissions to Local Media

Enables recording and sentiment.

Grant Permissions to the Teams Config Api

Enables creation of Teams resource accounts.

User Management


Allow Users to register to the system

If this is disabled, users can only be added by the admin.

New registered users are active by default

If this is disabled, new users will not be active (and can not login) until admin manually activates the account.

Use Security image question (captcha) on registration

Cookie consent enabled

Email confirmation required for login



Password Complexity

Options to configure password policy

User Lock Out

Options to configure user lockout on failed login attempts

Invoice Information


Legal Name






External Services


Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Recording Storage Location

Ability to Store recordings in your Azure tenant by specifing the Azure blob storage connection string.

Teams API Service Account

Presence API

Other Settings


Hide bot on a call's participant list

When this setting is enabled, an agent answering a queue call will not see the queue bot as a participant in the call.

Allow agents to receive queue calls while connected to a direct recorded call

When this setting is enabled, recorded direct calls (direct inbound/outbound PSTN calls, peer to peer Teams calls, Teams meetings) will not affect queue call routing. In other words, queue calls will still route to agents that are connected to direct calls that are being recorded. Known limitations: 1. If a queue call is answered when connected to a direct call, the agent panel will not update with the queue call information. 2. Queues with Toast alert method will not display the alert in the agent panel.

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