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The dashboard page has customizable widgets that will allow a user to see summary reports at a glance.

Widgets can be added, removed, resized, and repositioned on the page. Each widget can be filtered by date and/or organization unit.

The page can be filtered by date/time range and/or by organization units. These controls are located on the top right corner. The page filters will not apply to widgets with custom filters.


Queue Calls Chart

This report shows the total number of calls for your queues. This does not include direct calls. This chart can be helpful for seeing which queues are receiving the most or least calls.

In Out Chart

This report represents the total number of inbound and outbound calls by your organization. If you have recording enabled, all calls are being tracked including direct inbound/outbound calls and inbound queue calls.


This report represents the agent with the largest call count (Total Inbound Direct Calls + Total Answered Calls). The Average Handle Time is also displayed here. This can be helpful with getting an idea of which team member is fielding the most calls and finding their average handle time.

Call By Day Chart

This report represents the total number of calls in a day-by-day format. This gives you a snapshot of the call volume in a given period.

Callback Requested

This report represents the total number of calls that have requested a callback.

Queue Summary

This report displays queue information, including total call count, Abandond call count, and service level.

Agent Summary

This report displays a visual representation of calls handled by agents. More information can be found by hovering over a block.

If no data or not all data is shown on the charts, review the user's data access policies. See Organization Units

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