Call Details

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This report displays detailed information about a call. This includes IVR, queue, and agent details and recordings.

Enter a scenario Id of a call in the search box and then press the enter key. Detailed call information will appear below.

A call scenario Id can be found in IVR Details, Queue Details, or Agent Details reports by enabling the scenario Id column in the column chooser.

A direct link can be created to display a specific call and tab. Use the following format: + Call scenario ID + # + Tab name

Tab options are calldetails, recordings, or ivrdetails

See example URL below:

Call Details



Start date/time of call.


End date/time of call.


Total call length


Name of caller

Caller Number

Number of caller

Caller UPN

Caller user principle name

Scenario Id

Call Scenario Id

Call Entry Point

What queue or IVR first interacted with the call.

Call handers are the objects that have interacted with the call. This report is best viewed sorted by start time ascending.



Direction of Call (Inbound/Outbound)


Entra ID object ID of call participant

Participant Name

Name of call participant

Participant UPN

User principal name of call participant


Start date/time of call


End date/time of call


Total call length

Call Handler Type

The object (Participant, IVR, or Queue) that has interacted with the call.

Sentiment Enabled

Displays if Sentiment was enabled.


Displays if the call was connected to an agent.


Amount of time the caller has waited in the queue before connecting with the agent


Amount of time the call was ringing the agent.

Recording File Reference

Recording folder and file name in Azure blob storage.

Recording Mode

Call setting policy recording mode that was configured for the OU object.

Leave Reason

Why the call left the object

End Reason

Why the call was disconnected from the object

OU Path

Displays the organization unit where the call detail record is stored.

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