What's new in Contact Center

A description of new features in Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

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March 18, 2024


  • Fix missing caller and callee info in live calls and recordings report.

March 5, 2024


February 7, 2024


  • Improved Webhooks for Queue Details

  • Outbound Calling (Preview)

    • Call can be initiated manually in the agent panel

  • IVR Improvements

  • Increase wrapup questions from 5 to 10

  • Enable Agent Timeline report Excel export

  • Business Hours: Option to close entire day.

  • Allow queue/agent status panel to be pinned in Agent Panel

  • Improve accessibility

  • Audio Prompts, Business Hours, and Holiday Sets now show Interaction Objects they are link to

  • Misc UI Improvements

  • Improve multi-lingual support

    • allow custom position in queue prompts (uses existing audio prompts)

    • Allow language to be set for Call Setting Policy for Speech to Text and Sentiment Analysis.

      • NOTE: The following languages are not supported for sentiment analysis. If one of these languages are selected the transcription will be saved, but the sentiment score will show 0.

        • Icelandic

        • Maltese

        • Norwegian

        • Chinese (Wu, Simplified)

        • Zulu

  • Allow Call Pop to open in new tab


  • Prevent deleting audio prompts, business hour sets, and holiday sets when linked to a Queue or IVR

  • Misc UI Fixes

  • When new users are added to the system by adding them as an agent to a queue, ensure that they are assigned to the default Direct CDR group.

  • Fix wallboard menu when used with a non-English language.

  • Service Level on Wallboard

  • Fix sort by End Date

  • In specific scenarios filtering in the Live Calls disabled the "call control" buttons

  • Fix live updates on Queue Status page

  • Parallel Routing: fix Live Calls and Queue Details report for scenarios where 2 agents answer simultaneously

  • Parallel Routing: Wrapup questions showing for incorrect agent.

  • Improve logic for ending call with multiple agents

August 29, 2023



  • Improve Audit Logs performance.

  • If Hide Bot enabled for org, then also hide when answering IVR calls

  • Fix error that occurred when clearing selected audio prompts in IVR block then attempting to save

  • Improve Person Component popup behavior

  • Improve Diagnostic page experience when agent not in bot

  • Fix wrapup report not exporting correct amount of records

  • Fix several errors where dropdown UI was not visible

  • Fix Queue Calls by Hour report timezone issue

  • Queue Edit: clear Action Target field when changing Queue Timeout Action Type

  • Fix issue that was causing new org signups to click "Signin with Microsoft" twice

  • Fix invalid error message when saving queue with voicemail and callback keys defined the same but one feature disabled.

  • Remove IsChangingOU checkbox from IVR and Queue edit pages

  • Remove Skills search box on User Edit page

  • Fix wallboard direct calls sorting

May 22, 2023


  • Fix error message appearing for wrapup questions

  • Resolve date issue on trial expiration banner

May 9, 2023


  • Private Preview: Resource account creation in the portal

  • Definable order of queues displayed on wallboards

  • Teams Presence based routing: Allow call routing to agents in Teams busy presence types. See Teams Presence Based Routing

  • Queue and IVR access control to granularly delegate edit/create/delete permissions for queues and/or IVRs based on data access policies. See Queue and IVR Access Control

  • IVR blocks now can create following block from inside the block's edit panel.


  • Allow picture to be uploaded with creating wallboard

  • Fix sorting on agent details report

  • Fix agent name(s) displayed in live calls when using parallel routing

  • Remove skills from routing type drop down

  • Change default routing method to round robin if no routing type selected.

March 20, 2023


  • Holiday Hours Sets are now saved using the correct time.

  • * and # can be selected and saved in the IVR designer listen to tone block.

  • End Call action now works with a Holiday Hours set.

November 9, 2022


  • Holiday Hours sets for use with queues and IVRs.

  • IVR call action block now supports transfer to a variable.

  • IVR call action block now supports actions for failed transfers.

  • Teams presence now shown on person component (Requires presence API credentials).

  • Ability to hide queue bot from participant roster.

  • OU filter added to home page.

  • IVR designer now GA.

  • Abandoned calls percent column added to queue summary report.

  • Transferred calls percent column added to IVR summary report.

  • Total time agents cannot receive calls and total time an agent can receive calls columns added to agent summary report.

  • Duration added for objects shown on agent timeline report.

  • Wallboard UI refresh

  • Live calls now show "Multiple agents" in the agent column when multiple agents are being alerted simultaneously. When hovering over the text, a tooltip will appear with the list of agents.


  • Fixes and issue where duration and end date for call in progress is shown incorrectly on agent timeline report.

  • Fixes and issue where name and OU is not shown correct in live calls.

  • Re-evaluate variables in IVR text to speech block when triggered multiple times.

  • Remove signed into skills from diagnostics page.

  • Resolve delay issue when canceling Teams invites to multiple users.

  • Fixes issue where date filter in header on queue calls by hour report was not in sync with filter flyout.

  • End calls webhook now sends UPN instead of email address.

  • Resolves rare timing issue that caused calls to not be recorded.

  • Fixes call disconnect issue in some scenarios when "Queue timeout when no agents available" is enabled.

  • Display agent's full name in live calls.

October 4, 2022


  • Allow Azure cognitive services multi-service accounts for sentiment analysis

  • Prevent recording button from becoming out of sync

  • Fix sign in issue when using the Landis Contact Center Teams application

August 11, 2022


  • Allow transfer to PSTN number on Queue Timeout, Off Hours or IVR Transfer

  • Allow Queue Timeout if no agent available (based on the Agent Status)

  • Resource Account Create/Edit

    • Allow any phone number to be entered on resource account

  • IVR improvements

    • Add prompt to multitone block and allow prompt to be interrupted

    • Add progress sound for TTS block, Data Dip block, and Transfer to Voicemail

  • Audio prompt improvements

    • Support other languages for position in queue prompts (language is set on the queue)

    • Improve support for storage account key rotation

  • Color can be assigned to the Queue which then shows on the wallboard

  • "ScenarioId" can be used as a call pop variable

  • Allow panning/zooming on agent timeline report


  • Add retry logic for Graph requests for Call.Answer

  • Update Agent Panel and Agent Status page when another user changes the status

  • Improve timeline report formatting and load data if filters already are set

  • Improve Skill Category Importance and User Skill Ability validation

  • Prevent IVR from being deleted if Resource Account is still linked

  • Adds "Outside Business Hours" as a Leave Reason

  • Add User: disable search button when search box empty

  • Fix dropdowns not closing on page scroll

  • Minor improvements for Teams App UI

  • Prevent language choice from getting stuck. Also allow language to be changed from the My Settings window.

  • Improve presence subscription failure notifications

    • Notify correctly for multiple users failing

    • Differentiate between invalid users and other failures

May 17, 2022


  • Allow manager to change Agent Status using the Agent Status page.

  • Add Queue Sign-in Status to Agent Timeline report.

  • Improve performance of Queue Timeline report. Order events by user, type, and queue

  • Adds a new person component to Queue Status >> Agents, the Agent Status report, and the Agent Summary report

  • IVR improvements

    • Duplicate IVR

    • Undo/Redo IVR edits

    • Add "Disabled" option to some audio prompt dropdowns Now showing Queue names and People names for certain objects instead of GUID's.

  • Setting for Marketing Message interval

  • New user interface languages: Danish, Norwegian & Icelandic.

  • Additional resiliency resources


  • Wallboards: Make scrollbar show when many queues

  • Queue Details report: Show correct agent when call is transferred to another Landis queue.

  • Fix an issue where the StartDateTime is the same for both queue calls when an agent transfers to another queue.

  • Fix Copy and Download buttons for Audio Prompts

  • Fix audio player not always playing correctly after uploading audio file.

  • IVR improvements: Improved handling of Delete block in certain scenarios to prevent orphaned blocks

  • Fix exception that could happen on these reports if date range included Daylight Savings Time changes

    • Wallboards

    • Queue Calls by Hour chart

    • Queue Summary report

    • Queue Calls by Day chart

    • Queue Status

  • Properly handle presence subscription errors to prevent subscription failures.

  • Improve UX when adding new user. Prevent page from "jumping"

  • Fixes some issues around recordings

    • correctly set participant handler type when an agent is added to an in-progress queue call by the first agent. Without this change the one agent leaves it may complete the call handler of the other agent as well.

    • fixes a scenario where an agents agent panel doesn't clear when they hang up.

    • /fixes an issue where Callee info is not correct on recordings

  • Fixes the issue where when an agent of a parallel queue answers he continues to get alerted for other calls,

  • Fixes the issue where the call would sometimes not timeout when it hit the queue timeout after being transferred to another Landis queue.

  • Various UI Fixes

    • Fixes an issue where the date range popup sometimes had the Apply button hidden

    • Fix checkbox color in OU Users popup

    • Fix small UI bug in Notifications popup

    • Fix top menu item colors

    • Fix menu overflow in Teams app on smaller screens

  • Remove unused buttons from the Agent Panel

  • Remove unused permissions

    • Data >> Data Connector

    • Data >> Data Connector >> Import Queues

    • Desktop

    • Desktop >> Dashboard

  • Fixed serial routing issue: didn't always pick correct agent.

March 28, 2022


  • Ability to configure a Queue to press a key to leave a voicemail while waiting in Queue

  • Skills routing improvements

    • Skills + longest idle routing

    • Agent/Manager sign in/out of individual queues.

    • Live status pages and wallboard show valid agent information for skills queues.

  • Add ability to choose voice for audio prompts

  • Pick Call (useful for agent to cherry pick calls out of queue)

    • Previous "Pick Call" is now "Force Pick Call" which is only to be used for calls that aren't being routed properly in unusual situations. ("Force Pick Call" by passes normal system checks, so the call can be forcefully routed.)

  • Add Scenario ID variable available to IVR blocks

  • Agent Status page improvements

  • Add link from various summary reports to their detail reports (Add ability to drill down from summary reports to detail reports)

  • Add a tab on Queue Status to quickly navigate to reports on details about this queue


  • Fixes the "Reset User Permissions" functionality

  • Fixes Call Settings Policy page so it reloads after deleting a policy

  • Fixes Select All in OU Users Modal and missing icons

  • Fixes as issue where the IVR doesn't show changes to the Off Hours actions

  • Sets default widths for description and text columns

  • Removes PickCall, ForcePickCall, and CompleteCall from default Agent Data Access policy

  • Prevent saving filters when navigating from URL

  • Prevent deleting skills category or skill that is link to user/queue

  • Fixes issue when queue times out to a recorded user and wasn't recorded

  • Fixes issue when a recorded user is added to a connected queue, the second agent would not be recorded.

  • Fixes issue where uploaded audio prompts did not work with marketing messages

  • Fix misc. small exceptions

  • Small UI improvements

    • fix data grid resizing on Agents tab on Queue Status

    • fix colors in top bar and user profile menu

    • fix top menu overflow when in Teams app

February 11, 2022


  • Marketing messages: Rotating messages can be played to those in queues

  • IVR designer: Create & edit IVRs using only the user interface (no need to use JSON)

  • Live Calls & Queue Status: moved action buttons (like Barge, Pick, Complete) to header


  • Improved wallboard performance

  • Correct various exported column names

    • Abandoned Calls

    • Audio Prompts

    • Recordings

    • IVR Details

    • Queue Calls by Hour

  • Queue Details export file name correct

  • Skills Edit page delete button displayed correctly

  • Agent Summary report initial load works correctly

  • User login after user deleted and recreated now works correctly

  • blank CreationTime and LastModifiedTime columns on Business Hours

  • Recordings report - recorded user filter now works correctly

  • Live Calls error message "Unable to view sentiment data" when viewing detail corrected

  • Diagnostics showed presence for user even if presence not enabled for queue. Presence now hidden if not enabled for queue

  • User cannot be deleted if assigned to a deleted queue

January 27, 2022


  • Fixes issue where agent gets invited to a call that another agent is already connected to.

  • Minimize issue where in some cases agents get alerted of two different queue calls

December 16, 2021


  • Queue Alert Type "Teams [call]" is now GA. (see notes)

  • Save filter selection on home page

  • Additional Queue webhook properties

    • Abandoned Call

      • Adds: EventName, ScenarioId & CallbackRequested

    • NewQueueCall

      • Adds: EventName, ScenarioId & NumberOfAvailableAgents

    • EndCall

      • Adds: EventName, ScenarioId, AgentUPN, TalkTime, WaitTime, CallbackRequested, TimedOut, Abandoned & ServiceLevelAchieved

  • Call flow loop detection: Call flows with too tight loops are detected. Calls are ended and an email notifies the admin

  • Queue timeout is now available for all alerting methods: Queues can now timeout and transfer to user or voicemail. (made possible by new Microsoft Communication API functionality)

  • Improved routing prioritization between Queues in certain scenarios

August 27, 2021


  • PREVIEW: Queue Alert Type "Teams" call now supported (aka "Cancel Invite" implementation)

  • PREVIEW: Call Pick (for stuck calls): Agents can pick a call from Queue they want to handle

    • Ability for an agent to pick a stuck call from queue to themselves in Live Calls & Queue Status

    • Requires giving agents permissions to call pick.

    • Note: This feature is designed to help managers address a very rare situation where calls aren't routing properly. Do not use this feature as a general Call Pick feature at this time.

  • IVR Visualizer simple block editor: Ability to select an IVR block to view & edit it

    • eliminating need to use JSON to edit IVR's

  • Ability to filter "Abandoned Calls" by uncompleted callback requests

  • Trial expiration notice banner and email reminders

  • Remove unused waffle navigation from Agent Panel


  • Architectural changes to improve Live Calls & Queue Status performance.

  • Agent Details report: Outbound calls will now show called number.

  • Fix issue with adding more than 1 agent when creating a queue.

  • Fix welcome and hold checkboxes on Queues grid.

  • Fix Transfer Type not being exported correctly from IVR details report.

  • Misc. improvement around avoiding stuck calls

July 9, 2021


  • Wallboards: Adds the ability to choose and order the columns.

  • IVR: Adds a new BusinessHours block.

    • This block needs to be linked to an existing Business Hours Set. A "next block" can be configured for "On Hours" and for each "Off Hours" type.

    • This block also requires a TimeZone to be specified.

  • IVR: Adds a timeout to the ListenToTone block.

    • By default, the block will wait 10 sec. for the user to enter the tone. If no tone entered, the block will repeat the prompt and wait again. This is repeated 3 times, then a "can't connect" message is played after which the call is ended.

    • There are several options to configure this behavior.

      • TimeoutNextId: The id of the next block you want the call to go to if no tone detected. If omitted, call is ended.

      • RepeatUri: prompt to play when no tone was detected and the wait period is repeated. If invalid or nothing provided, then default repeat prompt is played. If DoNotPlay is used, then no repeat prompt is played.

      • CannotConnectUri: prompt to play after no tone was detected and before next action taken or call is ended.

      • RepeatWaitTimeSeconds: number of seconds to wait before repeating the prompt.

      • NumberOfRepeats: number of times to repeat the block.

  • IVR: Enables editing an IVR block by selecting it in the Visualizer.

  • Wallboards: Adds an Abandoned Call count column.

  • Misc.

    • Adds the ScenarioId column to detail reports

    • Adds the Avg. Sentiment column to the Agent Summary and Agent Detail reports.


  • Fixes issue where a downloaded recording cannot be played in Windows Media Player

  • Fixes the issue in the MultiTone IVR block where if the block was repeated, the user's input would be appended to the previous input. The input is now cleared when re-entering a MultiTone block.

  • Fixes the issue where ListenToTone keeps playing prompt after tone is pressed.

  • Fixes the abandoned calls call length in reports.

  • Improves Wallboard Longest Idle formatting

  • Fixes the issue where Share URL on report filters sometimes created an invalid URL

  • Fixes caller number and name filter on IVR Details report

  • Disables sorting on some columns in live calls and recordings reports

  • Fixes the issue where the call type was always "Direct". Now the call is correctly identified as either Queue or Direct.

  • Fixes the issue where the Avg. Sentiment was not updated on Live Calls.

  • Fixes the issue on Live Calls where the State showed Current when it should have been Ringing.

June 11, 2021


  • Fixes issue where a call that is transferred to another LCC queue by the Teams client is not routed correctly and appears stuck in the Live Calls page.

  • Fixes issue where a tone captured in an IVR can trigger the Queue Callback feature

  • Fixes issue where some call handlers are getting marked as missed

  • Fixes formatting of the Percent Met Service Level column of the wallboard

  • Correctly creates an agent timeline event when a new agent is created

June 4, 2021


  • Queue Status improvements

    • Monitor & manage queues from one place

    • Added the ability to select a queue and see details about the agents and calls for that queue

    • Those with access can manage agent sign-in status to the queue

    • Those with access can barge in to calls

    • Made the page real-time (no need to refresh)

  • Wallboard improvements

    • New columns (Longest in queue, Percent met service level, and Signed in Agents)

    • Improved look & feel

  • Live Calls improvements

    • Fixed columns (Call Length, Sentiment, and Wait Time).

    • Removed the Ring Time column.

    • Prevented the Barge In button from appearing in certain scenarios

  • Wrap-up Entry Enhancements

    • Added a wrap-up timer that can be defined per queue.

    • If a wrap-up question set is defined, then the wrap-up time is required. Otherwise, it can be 0.

    • All existing queues with a wrap-up question set will have a 10 minute timer set

    • Wrap-up questions are saved as the user selects them.

  • Wrap-up Report Enhancements

    • Pie charts will now show all calls, even if no questions answered.

    • A details sections was added to the report.

  • Agent Status improvements

    • Added the ability to customize the existing statuses or add new ones.

    • Added the ability to assign a color to the status that appears in the timeline.

  • Teams Presence based routing

  • Agent Timeline report

    • Adds the ability to see status and call changes across time per agent

  • Routing Diagnostics

    • Adds the ability to check why an agent may not be receiving calls.


  • Agent Panel: Queue sign-in states are real-time. If manager changes sign-in state, it will update live.

  • Abandoned Calls: IVR calls will only be marked abandoned if not transferred to another queue or user.

  • Fixes issue where agent status changes would take too long to propagate through the system.

  • Default agent status for new users changed to OFF.

  • Improve call routing logic

April 23, 2021

Features & Fixes

  • Ability for user with new permission "Clear Agent" to clear a call stuck in Agent Panel from Configuration | Users page.

  • Mitigate scenario where hold music can continue to play after agent answers.

  • Mitigate scenario where using mute can cause stuck call

  • Add additional logging

March 26, 2021

Action Required: This update requires additional permissions for Landis Contact Center and will require re-consent. This is in in preparation for presence based routing in a future release. Navigate to Landis Contact Center Administration | Settings | Grant permissions for Contact Center to interact with Microsoft Teams.


  • Longest Idle Routing method

  • New Reports

    • Queue Detail Report

    • Agent Detail Report

    • IVR Detail Report

  • Improved user login expiration notification

  • Eliminate maintenance window for call recording bot upgrades

  • Agent reports now differentiate between missed and rejected alerts

  • Total Talk Time, Total Rejected Alerts, and Total Rejected Calls columns added to the Agent Summary report.

  • IVR Visualizer improvements

    • Adds ability to click on blocks or connectors and highlight the connections between them.

    • Improved overall diagram layout: connector line routing & improved label handling

  • UI improvements

    • Add ability to search in dropdowns throughout portal

    • Edit Wallboards: improved selection of multiple queues

    • Added object name to the header of edit pages

    • Restyled the Wrap up Report

    • Reorganize fields on Edit Resource Account page.


  • Fixed End Call and Abandoned Call web hooks.

  • Abandoned Calls will not show calls that timed out.

  • Fixed sorting on summary reports.

  • Fixed issue where some settings were not replicating correctly to all systems.

  • Fixed issue where users that were added to a queue (and auto-added to the system) were not alerted.

  • Users should no longer receive the "You are not the owner of this call" message when trying to end the call.

  • Improve issue where hold music continues to play after agent answers the call.

  • Fixed issue where vertical scroll bar doesn't appear on some pages

  • Fixed issue where the recording status is incorrect if the agent panel is refreshed while on a call.

  • Fixed issue where barge in didn't work if call was transferred from an IVR to a Queue.

  • Fixed issue in IVR where a "PlayPrompt" block would end prematurely in certain scenarios.

  • Abandoned Calls now shows all calls for any user that has access to the OU, since "my calls" permission doesn't apply.

  • Exclude abandoned, timed out, and callback calls from average talk time calculation.


  • The My Call Details and All Call Details reports were removed.

March 6, 2021


  • Eliminate agent panel message "not the owner of this call" in most cases

  • Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements

January 27, 2021


  • Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements

December 14, 2020


  • Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements

October 22, 2020

Special Note About This Release

  • This update is in preparation for Landis Contact Center going GA. GA will follow a round of preview customer testing/feedback and our QA team signing off on this release. Barring any significant issues coming up, we expect the functionality in this release to move to GA in the next month. The features listed under Preview till after GA will not be included in the initial GA.

  • Please go ahead and test the features heading for GA rigorously. You can test in production, but be ready to switch back if need be. (until GA).

  • There will be scheduled maintenance windows, that we will eliminate going forward.

Preview (Release Candidate for Production/GA) Features

  • Utilizing the Microsoft Graph Communications API Version 1.0

  • Round Robin routing method

  • Parallel routing method

    • Note: All Queues set to Attendant routing will be changed to Parallel.

  • Queue service level

    • A setting in queues to define a time in seconds as a goal to have calls answered

    • In Queue Summary report, show percentage of calls answered by that time

  • IVR Summary report

  • Queue Summary report graph added and other improvements

  • Agent Summary report improvements

  • Queue Calls by Hour report graph and other improvements

  • Text to Speech now uses Neural Voice for higher quality audio prompts

  • Audible alert for Contact Center toast alerts

  • Announce Position in Queue interval setting per queue (Default is 60 seconds)

Preview (till after GA)

  • IVR Visualizer shows IVR as diagram view

  • Call Detail Reports (these reports will be replaced, so don't bother testing)

  • Queue Alert Type of “Teams"

    • (dependent on additional APIs coming from Microsoft Q4-2020 or later)

  • Attendant routing (temporarily removed till we can deliver better experience)

    • (dependent on additional APIs coming from Microsoft Q4-2020 or later)

August 6, 2020

Production Features

  • Recordings report

  • Ability to turn off recording-transcription notifications (requires signed agreement. contact sales@landistechnologies.com)

  • New language support for French, German & Spanish

  • New Teams themed audio player in Call Recording, Audio Prompts & Queues.

  • Application Help button

  • Additional CDR fields

  • Most edit pages now full page instead of modal

  • Various UI styling improvements

  • Improved Teams App navigation and UI styling

Preview Features

  • IVR enhancements

    • Text to speech IVR block

    • Ability to pass parameters between blocks

    • Capture multiple DTMF tones

    • Capture DTMF will prompts are playing

    • All parameters to be passed to Data Dip request

    • Allows transfer to Teams users and Teams user voicemail

  • Skills tab on Queue Edit now hidden when not relevant


  • Various bug fixes

  • Queue timeout

Known Issue

Action Required: This update requires additional permissions for Landis Contact Center recording and sentiment to interact with Microsoft Teams. This will require you to re-consent. You can do this using this URL: https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/adminconsent?client_id=3a08b250-02ce-4316-94f7-069f4ae0c41b

June 17, 2020

Production Features

  • Start recording "On Demand" via Agent Panel record button

  • Stop and Start recording via Agent Panel record button when policy is "Record (Can Stop)"

Known Issues

  • Microsoft Behavior: If a user that has policy call recording or sentiment enabled calls a Teams AA/CQ, Landis Contact Center IVR/Queue or other IVR, the Microsoft audio notification that "This meeting is being recorded and/or transcribed" will be played on top of the of the AA/IVR or Queue welcome message.

June 3, 2020

Production Features

  • Policy Call Recording policy call recorder bot (How to configure)

  • Set a policy to record Microsoft Teams user calls

  • Filter call records by user, other party & date range

  • Permission based access to call details and records

Preview Features

  • Banner to indicate Preview status

  • Default music on hold for new organizations

  • Banner notifications for actions (like save a record)

  • Business Hours for Queues

  • Bug Fixes

    • Skills: changing row gets saved

    • Queue: Off hours actions will not allow transferring to the same queue

    • Policy update takes effect

    • Music on hold: repeats as needed

    • Queue Attendant Routing: doesn't allow double answering

    • Queue: Ignoring alert issue resolved

    • Reporting: better handling of lack of caller information from Microsoft Graph

Known Issues

  • Microsoft Behavior: The Microsoft audio notification that "This meeting is being recorded and/or transcribed" will be play at the beginning of each call that has recording or sentiment enabled. The notification will be repeated when recording is stopped and started again.

January 1, 2020

Preview Features

  • Audio file manager

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