Set Up Sentiment Analysis

  1. Set up policy call recording for each user. See Set Up Policy Call Recording

  2. Edit the Call Setting Policy assigned to the direct call records group and/or queues. Select the option to enable sentiment. Also select the Speech Recognition Language. This should match the language spoken on calls.

Note: Sentiment is not supported for the following languages. If using these languages, transcription will be captured, but a sentiment score of 0 will be shown.

  • Icelandic

  • Maltese

  • Norwegian

  • Chinese (Wu, Simplified)

  • Zulu

Recording does not need to be enabled on the call setting policy for sentiment analysis to function.

3. Select the location tab of your Contact Center datacenter and follow the instructions:

In your Azure admin portal, create a new resource in the East US region for "Azure AI services multi-service account”. Copy the API key and Endpoint for the resource.

4. Navigate to Contact Center | Administration | Settings | External Services tab. Enter the API key in the Speech Recognition API Key field and Text Analytics API Key field. Enter the endpoint in the Text Analytics API Endpoint field.

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