Create Resource Account Using PowerShell

Please use the latest Teams PowerShell module when running the following commands in step 1.
1. Connect to Teams PowerShell | Run the following command:
New-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -UserPrincipalName "Resource Account Username" -DisplayName "Display Name" -ApplicationId "341e195c-b261-4b05-8ba5-dd4a89b1f3e7"
Note: Replace "Resource Account Username" in the above commands with a new unique username. Do the same with "Display Name". Do not change the application ID.
2. Navigate to Microsoft 365 admin portal | Users | Active Users | Assign the resource account user a "Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account" license.
3. Assign a phone number to a queue (optional)
Run the following PowerShell Command:
Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -PhoneNumber "Number" -Identity "Resource Account Username" -PhoneNumberType CallingPlan
Note: Replace "Number" with an available phone number in your environment. Replace "Resource Account Username" with the UPN of the resource account created in step 1. You may also need to change the PhoneNumberType if using DirectRouting or OperatorConnect.
4. Run the following PowerShell command:
(Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity "Resource Account Username").ObjectID
Note: Replace "Resource Account Username" in the above command with the UPN of the resource account created in step 1.
From the output of the above command, copy the ObjectID GUID. This will be used in the next step.
5. Navigate to Queues & IVRs | Resource accounts | Add | Enter a Name. Paste the ObjectID GUID in the Object ID field. Select the Interaction Object (Queue or IVR) that should be associated with the resource account. Description, Phone Number, and User principal Name is optional.
This Resource Account record is a duplicate of the Microsoft Teams Resource Account. It determines to which Queue or IVR the call is routed.
The Microsoft Teams resource accounts are not automatically synced with Contact Center. When resource accounts are created or changed in Teams, they will need to be manually created or updated in Contact Center.
Last modified 2mo ago