Queue and IVR Access Control

This feature allows an admin to customize the access each user has to view, edit, create, and delete queues and IVRs, and to apply that access specifically to each queue or IVR. To set up queue and IVR access control, follow the steps below:

Create and Assign a Role

  1. Navigate to Administration | Roles. Create or edit an existing role and add the appropriate permissions for IVR and Queue. See screenshot below:

  2. Navigate to Configuration | Users | Edit user | Roles Tab. Assign the role to the user(s) that need access to the queues and IVRs page.

Create and Assign a Data Access Policy

  1. Navigate to Administration | Data Access Policies. Create or edit a data access policy and add the appropriate access permissions for IVRs and Queues. See screenshot below:

  2. Navigate to Administration | Organization Units | Select the appropriate queue or IVR object or organization unit that you would like to give access | Select Add member | Select the user(s) | Select the data access policy configured in step 3. | save.

  3. The user(s) should now be able to see and access only the queues and IVRs that match their data access policy permissions.

If a user is granted a data access policy assigned to an OU, permissions are inherited to all objects in the OU.

Create permissions are required to be assigned to an OU. This will allow the user to create a queue or IVR in this OU.

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