Organization Units

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Organization units allow policies to be assigned to queues in a folder structure. The members (users) and data access policies assigned to a queue will determine what data the users are allowed to access (e.g. recordings or call details). Call settings policies determine what features are available for a queue and direct calls (e.g. Recording or Sentiment).

The contact center service is created with the root organization unit (OU) "Default". New root OUs can be created by selecting the Add Root Unit button. Sub-units can be created by selecting the Add Sub-Unit option in the right click menu of the parent OU. Queues can be moved between OUs by using the drag and drop method. Be aware that policies may change when moving a queue because of inheritance.

User data access policies can be assigned to an OU or queue by selecting the OU or queue and adding members(Users). Once the member has been added, a data access policy can be selected. See Data Access Policies

A Call settings policy can be applied to an OU or queue by selecting the OU or queue and selecting the edit button in the Call Setting policy area. See Call Setting Policies

If a call setting policy or user data access policy is assigned to an OU, they are inherited to all queues in the OU. If a different policy is applied to an inherited object, the policy applied closest to the queue will take precedence.

Wallboard are linked to an organization Unit. For a user to see a wallboard, they will need a data access policy assigned directly to the organization unit.

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