Option 2: Contact Center (Preview)

This feature is in Preview.


Teams API service account configured. See Teams API Service Account

Teams Config API permissions granted. See Settings

  1. Navigate to Queues & IVRs | Resource accounts | Add.

  2. Enter a resource account display name.

  3. Select the Interaction Object (Queue or IVR) that should be associated with the resource account.

  4. Enter a unique user principal name.

  5. Select button Sync to Teams. This will create the resource account in Teams. If the account creation was successful, the Object ID field should be automatically populated with a GUID.

  6. Verify a Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account license is available in the Microsoft 365 admin portal. Select button Assign Phone System License.

After a Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account license is assigned to the resource account, some provisioning time will be needed until a phone number can be granted.

  1. (Optional) Enter an available phone number in E.164 format in the phone number field.

  2. From the Phone Number Type dropdown, select the type of number assigned in step 7.

  3. Select Set Phone Number Button. If an error message appears, wait a few minutes and try again.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Connect to Teams PowerShell | Run the following commands:

$Instance = Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity "Resource Account Username"
Sync-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -ObjectId $Instance.ObjectId -ApplicationId $Instance.ApplicationId

Note: Replace "Resource Account Username" in the above command with the UPN of the resource account in step 4.

Changes made to resource accounts in the Teams admin center or PowerShell will not be synced to Contact Center. The changes will need to be manually updated in Contact Center.

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