Web Chat

Web chat is in Preview.

At this time the web chat user will need to allow the microphone in the browser after connecting with an agent.

Setup Web Chat

  1. Choose where you want to host your chat widget.

  2. Create a Landis support ticket and provide the following information: M365 tenant ID, Object ID of your service account, hostname of the website, and Landis queue ID. The Landis queue ID can be found in the URL when editing the queue.

  3. After providing the above information, Landis will provide a widget ID and widget secret to add to your HTML app configuration.

  4. Add the chat app code to your website

<!DOCTYPE html>

  <meta charset="utf-8" />
  <title>Sample Site With Chat Widget</title>

  <div id="call-composite-container"></div>
  <script src="https://stlccpublicprodeastus.blob.core.windows.net/contactcenter/chat/landischatservice-latest.js"></script>
  <script type="module">
    const callAdapter = await LandisCallComposite.loadCallComposite(
        widgetId: 'ADD_WIDGET_ID_HERE',
        widgetPass: 'ADD_WIDGET_SECRET_HERE'

    window.onbeforeunload = () => {
<script defer src="https://stlccpublicprodeastus.blob.core.windows.net/contactcenter/chat/landischatservice-latest.js"></script>

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